Saturday, June 04, 2005

(Democracy left for) Dead in Ohio 

A little classical music there, kids...

In response to "Coin dealers, money laundering, and connecting the dots in Ohio", Kossack Gryn alerts us to Bernadette Noe, lady wife of Bush Pioneer Tom "Just Say" Noe, he of the mysteriously missing millions that we, putting on our tinfoil hats—as if, at this point, we ever take them off—argued could well have been part of a money laundering scheme to pay rogue Diebold programmers to hack Ohio's servers.

Well, Gryn points out that Bernadette—if I may so call her—was on the board of elections in her county. The board was choosing between two Diebold products: one, an optical scanner, with a paper trail; the other, a touch screen, without. And which product did Bernadette favor? Guess. Take all the time you need. That's enough, right? Yes, she favored the unauditable, no-paper-trail product; so much so that she dropped a dime on a fellow Republican to get him off the board, and the no-paper-trail product in.

And what county is that, you ask? The one Bernadette got the unauditable Diebold machines into?

Why, Lucas County. Here's one of those juicy little election details:

Similar sworn testimony surfaced Tuesday at a citizens' hearing in Toledo. Among other things eye witnesses confirmed that a Diebold programming team entered the Lucas County (Toledo) Board of Elections to "reprogram" the opti-scan voting machines on the day the recount began.

Catherine Buchanan, a Democratic Party observer, testified that one of the sample precincts chosen as a control for the recount---Sylvania Precinct 3---had the programming card reprogrammed prior to the ballot testing. While the observers watched, nearly seven out of fifteen test ballots were rejected at least three times before the machine would read them.

Janet Albright told hearing officers she had been voting at the same Lucas County polling place for fourteen years but that the polling place was changed this year without notification to a station farther away. Machines throughout Lucas County malfunctioned in tests through the week prior to the election, and on election day. Thousands of Ohioans---primarily in Democratic precincts--thus lost their right to vote.

During the Lucas County reprogramming, election observers were shocked when they were denied the right to look at sheets that had target test results on them, or the reprogramming of the opti-scan machines used in the recount. Diebold-leased machines and software malfunctioned in the weeks prior to the election.
(Yurica Report

Say it once, why say it again? Because it bears repeating:

What we knew:

Dot 1: Precious metals are good for money laundering.

Dot 2: Tom Noe "lost" $10-14 million dollars in rare coins, good, like precious metals, for money laundering.

Dot 3: Diebold says they want to help Bush win, and Diebold programmers are known to have been convicted of fraud. (All from "Coin dealers, money laundering, and connecting the dots in Ohio".)

Now add this:

Dot 4: Tom Noe's wife got Diebold machines that don't leave a paper trail installed in Lucas County.

Dot 5: Lucas County was a statistical anomaly, Bush's way, on [cough] election Day.

Dot 6: Diebold programmers did something to the machines in Lucas County after the [cough] election, but they wouldn't show anybody what. I wonder why?

When is a reporter going to take Deep Throat's advice, and follow the money?

I'm still betting some of the laundered money ended up in the pockets of a rogue Diebold systems programmer, hacking the mother machine.

Oh, man. My B.S.S. is acting up real bad. Again.

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