Saturday, May 14, 2005

This Is How You Represent 

Rep. John Conyers of Michigan is stepping out of the Greek chorus of doleful Dems to become a real leader.

First he puts together a letter signed by 88 House members demanding that Bush respond to the questions raised by the release of the damning memo in the Sunday Times of London (the one that reveals Bush's intent to wage war in direct contradiction to his claims).

Now Raw Story reveals that he prepped one signed by 51 House members to be sent to the White House demanding Alberto Gonzales appoint a special counsel to investigate US war crimes. From the letter, here is the money quote:
"Therefore, given the Administration's concession that the Geneva Conventions apply to Iraqi and Taliban prisoners, given its concession in the Gonzalez memo that a violation of the Conventions would also constitute a violation of federal criminal law, and given the flagrant violations of the Conventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay which have been confirmed by official investigations, it is clear that a prima facie violation of federal criminal law exists. It is also evident that high-ranking Administration officials, including the Defense Secretary, as well as high-ranking military officials, may have authorized these actions and are potentially subject to criminal prosecution as well."
That's right---our "elfin Secretary of Defense" as Gore Vidal called him. And just in case you think it odd that Conyers is appealing to Gonzales himself, given all we know of his complicity, Conyers ends with this (emphasis mine):
"While Private Lynndie England and other low-ranking officers have pled guilty, those who ordered and authorized their actions appear to have been protected by the military and this Administration. Because so many high level officials, including you, have been implicated in these events, the only way to ensure impartiality is through the appointment of a Special Counsel. Indeed, our nation's integrity is at stake. We must reassure the world that we will fairly and independently pursue legal violations wherever they occur."
The letter is dated May 12, and according to Raw Story, would be "issued shortly".

Send Conyers a bouquet and some candy. As Lambert likes to say, "Reward good behavior".

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