Monday, May 23, 2005

The Ted Thing 

I'm not positive what's up with this but apparently "Ted" or someone named "Ted" has been running around an Eschaton thread like a blind clog in a meat locker. Apparently.

See HERE. Which won't help much since it'll basically send you to here: Friday, November 19, 2004 Inside Ted's Head

Which probably won't help much either if you have no idea what exactly the hell is going on or who exactly "Ted" is. In that case just never mind. Although I'd advise you, if your name is Ted, to change it to Ed, or Ned, or Fred, or Jed, or just plain old Baldhead Red. Anything... doesn't matter. Change it to Clyde - or Charlene - if you'd like. But whatever you do, if someone comes to your door and claims to be a gay teenager who looks like a movie star, don't open the door!

Because it's probably Ted!

I'm glad I could help straighten all that out for you.


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