Friday, May 27, 2005

Sweatshopland Slaughterhouse 

From the BBC:
Mexico to tackle women's murders

The UN has criticised Mexico's handling of the Juarez murders - The Mexican attorney general's office says it is setting up a unit to investigate the murders of more than 350 women in the city of Ciudad Juarez.

I remember hearing about this years and years ago. How many years ago?
The team of more than 30 will start work by reviewing 22 of the killings in the northern city, which began in 1993.

1993. 350! Gee, that's swell. I detect a "pattern" here. Has anyone guestioned Newsweek about this? But don't strain yourselves getting out of your new squad car. And why get excited now? Why not wait till it rounds off to a nice neat 400! - you dumb fucking morons.

Wanna bet it wouldn't take that long for the big plantation honcho at the shiny Levi jeans factory to have his gardener rounded up for peeing on the bougainvillea.

What a pitiful pathetic world.


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