Tuesday, May 24, 2005

So, now can we please get a Rovian operative alert? 

From the great state of Texas:

People can now get "sex offender movement alerts" sent to their e-mail, cell phones and other Internet-enabled devices when sex offenders update their addresses with authorities in three states.

Houston-based SCAN USA, which already provides information about weather, natural disasters and Amber Alerts, began the sex offender alerts Tuesday in California, Texas and Florida, with plans to expand it nationwide.
(via AP)

Yes, it would be Houston. Of course, in Bobo's world, it's always The Other. The ol' "outside agitator"!

What I'd like would be a "Rovian operative alert"... Especially in swing states in 2006.

NOTE What am I thinking?! The next move is to have real-life Gaydar! Email alerts whenever a gay person moves into A Red Zone.

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