Saturday, May 28, 2005

Reasons to Go On Living 

Hey, in these evil days you gotta take 'em where ya find 'em...
(via Comics Reporter)
Here's a really, really interesting marketing idea if it works -- newspapers will be offered a re-run package of Calvin and Hobbes strips this Fall, tied into the Christmas season release of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. A fine article at E&P goes into the details of this and other publicity efforts for the volume, made interesting because of cartoonist Bill Watterson's reclusive nature. The piece also reports that there will be an essay and new Watterson Art.
As long as we're wishin' and hopin' and dreamin' and all, a Complete Bloom County would be nice too. Berk Breathed isn't quite as reclusive as Mr. Watterson, although I had no idea he had a new Opus strip out until I happened to pick up the dead-tree Nashville Tennessean last week on a trip to Franklin. Amazing how little it takes to buck up the spirits these days. Seeing the words "Bush Impeachment to Begin Monday" would be ideal of course, but till we get there we'll take what we can.

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