Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newsweak: Sure looks like ratfucking to me! 

Here's an odd little detail:

Newsweek's editor, Mark Whitaker, said in an interview Sunday that a senior Pentagon official had declined to comment after a correspondent showed the official a draft before the item was published and asked, "Is this accurate or not?" The magazine, Whitaker said, would have held off publishing the item if military spokesmen had requested that. Whitaker said Pentagon officials offered no objection to the story for 11 days after it was published.
(via WaPo)

So, WaPo publishes. Then the outrage. Just like the Killian memos, where the White House also declined to comment. CBS published. Then the outrage.

Sounds like Rove was using the 11 days to find out which Pentagon bed to leave the horse's head in.

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