Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gee, I sure hope we don't lose a city to a loose nuke during election 2006 

Especially since we don't have the color codes anymore to tell us how bad that would be.

It's hardly news, at this point, that Inerrant Boy's maladministration has totally botched the issue of protecting port cities from loose nukes generally, and especially in shipping containers (See Reckless indifference to the nightmare scenario. But the dog continues to bite the man:

Government programs aimed at keeping weapons of mass destruction from entering U.S. ports are flawed and could actually be counterproductive, congressional investigators have found.

The Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations conducted its own review, visiting eight foreign ports, ranging from Hong Kong to Hamburg, Germany. The subcommittee concluded that only 17.5 percent of high-risk cargo from these ports is inspected overseas, and less than 1 percent of all containers are inspected.
(via AP)

Well, come on now, let's be reasonable. The port cities are mostly in blue states, so they can hardly be considered worthy of Dear Leader's protection. And there aren't any mega-churches there, so what's to protect anyhow?

Besides, the cities are full of gay people.

So, a little cleansing fire from Heaven—what's not to like?

NOTE Why haven't the Dems been screaming about this?

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