Friday, May 27, 2005

FTF Update 

Well, I’m glad I got roped into going to the Muslim-Jew dinner by my friend. Apparently it’s some sort of local tradition that soon after Passover some local Jews and Muslims get together and share a meal. This happened to be in New Mexico, but maybe others places do it. It was set up by a out-of-work Reform rabbi and a Palestinian family who owns a restaurant. The family likes to keep a low profile because they’ve been harassed, so it wasn’t advertised, a word-of –mouth thing, but about 25 people came. Anyway, there was the usual talk, but the main thing that came out of it in my mind was this, and I thought it was rather interesting:

Everyone agreed on one thing, aside from the food being delicious:

The fundamentalists of ALL religions are the problem.

Fortunately there were none there. Maybe that’s why it was word-of-mouth only. I feel hopeful today and am almost ready to head home. We’ve got hay, wool and lamb buyers and sellers all lined up and the sane are beginning to recognize the fundies for what they are.

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