Monday, May 23, 2005

From the Road 

Just a quick note from the road to reassure everyone I’m not in prison (yet) but will be traveling for a little while yet so if I don’t post that’s why. And this observation. Blue state, red state, there’s good people everywhere you go. Assholes, too. But by and large, even in the most podunk little red white and blue sticker God Bless America village, there’s someone who’ll buy me a beer or honk their horn when they see my librul and Kerry stickers (no, I never took them off). I am feeling somewhat hopeful therefore although sick of this insta-mix, SUV driving “Christians” who are also omnipresent. Last night I got invited to a barbecue potluck at a Baptist church, an AME church, they were at a park I was at, and these folks are real Christians—feed the hungry, help the poor, visit the prisons, sing about freedom, comfort the sick folks. Long may their banner wave. And may the frauds soon be shown for what they are. More soon. Keep up the good fight. There’s allies out there in the weirdest places.

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