Thursday, May 05, 2005

Anonymous sources 

As you can see, I'm plowing through The Amazin' Froomkin's online transcript, and it's interesting. I'm actually getting the picture of a Front Page-like reporter who cares about his craft:

Dan Froomkin: That's a very interesting point. Perhaps one solution, short of eliminating [anonymous sources], would be better explaining them to our readers. So: "Blah blah," said a senior administration official who, while anonymous, was designated by the White House to speak on President Bush's behalf." Whaddaya think?
(via WaPo)

Yeah, I knew Hildy Johnson, and, Dan Froomkin, you're no Hildy Johnson, but still, it's nice to see a journalist who cares about the craft.

Maybe, just maybe, there's hope for Pravda on the Potomac, unlike the hopelessly confused, deluded, and drifting toward the shoals Isvestia on the Hudson....

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