Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Alpo Accounts: Froomkin misses The Bush "Tell" 

The Amazin' Froomkin:

McClellan promised something new before Bush's Social Security remarks yesterday in Mississippi. But there wasn't much.
(via WaPo)

But (from the link Froomkin supplies) let's look at the transcript:

This is the math, folks, this is exactly what's going to take place unless we do something about it. I'm ready to -- people like me are retiring; we expect the government to make good on the promise, of course. But yet, we don't have enough money coming into the system to do so. So a lot of younger workers out there will be paying into a system that's bankrupt. And that's not fair.
(White House transcript)

What's The Bush "Tell"? When he says "of course," you know He's lying! (And Froomkin discovered this).

So, what lie does this telegraph? That the younger workers won't have their benefits cut under the Bush Social Security Phaseout.

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