Wednesday, May 18, 2005

AKA: "Bambi Carriles" 

Luis Posada Carriles arrested:
Published: May 18, 2005 | MIAMI (AP) - Caught between its hard-line policy against Fidel Castro and its war on terrorism, the Bush administration has arrested an anti-Castro exile accused of masterminding a deadly 1976 airliner bombing. Luis Posada Carriles, 77, was seized Tuesday by federal agents. He had been in hiding in Miami for two months and had petitioned for asylum in the United States. ~ AP

In 1985, Posada escaped from prison in Venezuela where he had been incarcerated after the plane bombing and remains a fugitive from justice. He went directly to El Salvador, where he worked, using the alias "Ramon Medina," on the illegal contra resupply program being run by Lt. Col. Oliver North in the Reagan National Security Council. In 1998 he was interviewed by Ann Louise Bardach for the New York Times at a secret location in Aruba, and claimed responsibility for a string of hotel bombings in Havana during which eleven people were injured and one Italian businessman was killed. Most recently he was imprisoned in Panama for trying to assassinate Fidel Castro in December 2000 with 33 pounds of C-4 explosives. In September 2004, he and three co-conspirators were suddenly pardoned, and Posada went to Honduras.

More annals of Posada, and friends, in recently (May 10, 2005) declassified CIA and FBI documents; via the National Security Archive at GWU.edu.

FLASH! Unnamed senior Bush administration official levels new charges at Newsweek. Claims editors may have been hiding Posada in luxury waterfront apartment in Miami since early March of 2005; paying for his Cuba Libres and slutty teenage escorts on the magazines expense account. Viva Batista! Heh. No, not really. An unnamed senior Bush administration official didn't really say that. But, it's still early, and the dew is still fresh on the Bubble in DC.


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