Sunday, April 03, 2005

Vigilante Follow Up 

Busy as hell with spring chores, but here's a followup on the border vigilantes: According to AP (no link, sorry, I'm pulling this outta my fishwrapper), about 150 people showed up in Douglas, AZ, chanting "Hey, hey, ho, ho, illegal aliens gotta go!" and singing "God Bless America." Some were toting guns. Their leader, Jim Gilchrist, "a retired accountant from California," said the people at the protest were only a fraction of his force, claiming that 450 were out and about. This could not be verified. I love Gilchrist's closing quote in the article:

"We don't hate the economic refugees that are coming here, but we hate the fact that our government is colluding against us with big business so that they can get rich off our backs...They (employers) don't pay health care, they don't pay any benefits to these people, so they wind up on our social services. Our safety net for vulnerable citizens is being used up. Is that right? That's crazy."

Somewhat shorter version: We don't hate these poor people, but they're making us poorer, and gummint and big bizness is to blame, so instead of blaming gummint and big bizness, we're going to blame "them." Bobo logic--gotta love it. Anybody know who's funding these people?

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