Sunday, April 17, 2005

Too Beautiful To Blog 

If you live where I do and you can get outside, that is.

I've been taking care of some long-neglected yard work and prepping the place for summer glory. Last Christmas I was given a set of wind chimes by Woodstock Windchimes, specifically, the "Chimes of Tuscany"(scroll down and click to listen), and hung them yesterday. Having listened to them while working over the last 2 days, I think it's safe to say they are absolutely the most beautiful chimes I've ever heard. I constantly hear actual melodies playing when the wind picks them up, and the slightest breeze is enough to set them off.

Anyway, I'm back off to the outdoors, but first, because the issue of the Estate Tax is still pissing me off, I wanted to note that Fred Clark over at slacktivist has a powerful piece up on the Estate Tax and its impact on charities, should the Senate repeal it. And in it he links to Max Sawicky's takedown of the stated defenses used by those benighted who still think that getting rid of it is going to ruin all those family farms (as opposed to, say, Archer Daniels Midland?).

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