Saturday, April 02, 2005

So, do women get to shoot pharmacists who refuse them morning after pills? 

Let's find out!

Florida is gerrymandered so badly that the Republicans, with half the votes, have three quarters of the seats, so you expect all kinds of crazy shit.

But get a load of the latest:
It's illegal to shoot someone just because they threaten you in a supermarket checkout line, at a football game or on the street.

But under a proposed law swiftly moving through the Florida Legislature, people who think their lives are in danger outside their home will be immune from prosecution if they fight back.

The law would allow people who feel they are under attack to "meet force with force" under immunity from prosecution or civil lawsuits. Under the provision you could punch someone who punches you or even kill someone you think is about to kill you.
(via Orlando Sentinel)

Since some of the wingers are, um, the ones those "s-l-o-o-o-o-w children" signs are designed for, we'll take this slowly, step by step. Work with me here:

1. The new wingerly trend is loon pharmacists who refuse to dispense birth control pills or morning after pills to women, even when the women have prescriptions.

2. A pregnancy—by definition, any pregnancy—puts a woman's life at risk (cf. Genesis 3:16).

3. So, does that mean that women get to shoot pharmacists who refuse to dispense them their prescribed birth control or morning after pills?

Just asking...

NOTE A tip of the Ol' Corrente Hat to alert reader chica toxica, who suggested "telling everyone with a womb to buy a gun." That got me thinking.

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