Thursday, April 14, 2005

Not Just A Bad Dream Anymore 

Today the House will vote on the bankruptcy bill, and as Forbes observes, it's pretty much a done deal:
"After eight years of failed efforts by banks and credit card companies, the biggest overhaul of bankruptcy laws in a quarter-century has been catapulted toward enactment by a Republican majority buttressed by the fall elections...
President Bush has said he will sign the bill into law. It marks a second victory for Bush this year on pro-business legislation."
And this on the heels of the repeal of the estate tax, that horrid burden on the uberwealthy that affects about 600 families and, according to some, could result in a net loss to the US Treasury of about 745 billion dollars over 10 years. But it's ok, because they'll make it back when they cut services to vets, kids, and the working poor, disabled, and elderly.

Shameless whores. If there has ever been an administration that more blatantly catered to the rich and powerful, I'm at a loss to know of it. And the oddest thing is this is the House, for God's sake, the body supposed to be most representative of the "common people". It seems the only time they represent their constituents is when they get behind some typically hare-brained scheme grounded in people's natural meanness, but when money's in the picture, even the wingnuts gets short shrift.

Please, please, make it stop!

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