Saturday, April 30, 2005

Kiss It Goodbye 

A man who will never want for anything in his life, who has never had to deal with any of the negative repercussions of his lousy life choices, who has been shielded by mommy and daddy from any of the harsh realities, from his first silver spooned mouthful of pap, through his free ride in college, to his abandonment of the cushy fake military duty that dad got him, to his drunken escapades and brushes with the law, to his theft of land from Texas residents in Arlington for personal gain, to his gift of a state governorship, to the his theft of a presidency and the steady ruination of the nation ever since---from this grotesque excuse for a man, we get the Final Solution for our golden years:
"In attempting to fix Social Security's long-term problems without raising taxes, President Bush has chosen to recast the 70-year-old retirement program as one that would keep the lowest-income workers out of poverty but become increasingly irrelevant to the middle class and the affluent."
A (cough, hack) man who will never have to worry about how to afford a home or a grocery bill for the rest of his despicable life has given notice that he is ready, willing, and happy to take away the program that has offered just a fraction of that same security for those of us unlucky enough to live under his sway. And now for the best part:
" In his radio address on Saturday, Mr. Bush sought to cast himself in the Democrats' traditional role as a defender of the poor."
Was this meant to be a cruel snark on the part of the NYTimes editors? Or was it written with an innocent "I just write the news, I don't make it" obtuseness? What difference does it make, really, when the end result is the same?

It's dead, people. If he gets his way, it will be gone in a generation--but what him worry? He won't be around anyway.

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