Friday, April 01, 2005

Jeebus Gets His Betsy Ross 

I almost hesitate to post this today, but if it's an April Fools item then one of the biggest papers in the southeast is in on the gag. Via the Columbia SC State
Christians can show their faith to the rest of the world in many ways — bumper stickers and fish symbol magnets on cars, crosses worn on necklaces or lapel pins.

Marcia Thompson Eldreth hopes many believers will also want a banner that symbolizes that faith.

The 55-year-old Maryland woman, a trained artist, has designed what she calls the “United States National Christian Flag,” which is being manufactured in South Carolina.

“Back in the spring of 2003, my pastor preached a sermon saying he believed every born again believer should boldly identify with Christ by flying a Christian flag,” Eldreth said.

Eldreth said she felt led to pray about that sermon and asked God in her prayer what he would want on a flag. Shortly afterward, she said, she got an image in her mind of a bald eagle, the symbol of the United States, carrying a wooden cross.
It would be sacreligious to suggest that Ms. Eldreth was maybe gazing on the logo of the US Marines, or possible the National Rifle Association, when she came up with her design. Lest this come to the attention of evil Satanic copyright lawyer types at one of those organizations, we will refrain from mentioning these similarities. To continue:
After she designed the flag, Eldreth had several prototypes manufactured and then appeared on the popular evangelistic TV show “The 700 Club” to talk about her design.

The flag flew recently as part of a display of the Ten Commandments monument that toured Columbia and other parts of South Carolina and is also included in monument’s national tour.

“My flag has a mission...it’s a rallying flag for American Christians,” she said.
Because, of course, up till now they've been so disorganized and confused and silent and humble and all.

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