Saturday, April 02, 2005

Goodnight, moon 

Where, I ask myself, is Whiney Joe these days? Google says: Shoring up support in the district here, and here, and here, by showing them he's bringing home the pork.

Maybe the Kossacks got his attention with that fundraising gambit. Could they really have raised $250,000 for a Lieberman challenger in 24 hours? Sure. In fact, Lieberman's current behavior proves it.

Yes, I know it's the recess, but still, Lieberman doing the rubber chicken circuit is far preferable to Lieberman on FUX, trashing fellow Democrats, let alone The Man Who Sold Out Gore on the Military Vote in Florida 2000 accepting and appearing to enjoy a big fat sloppy wet kiss from the AntiChrist in prime time.

Still, I'd like to think JoeMental isn't JoeMachiavelli—just a pol with a tin ear and bad judgment (like Gore, if it comes to that).

So, Joe, the best thing you can do, now, is keep your head down and stay out of trouble. Above all, don't try to broker bi-partisan "compromises" with players who are smarter, more ruthless, and more vicious than you are. Not even for the insurance companies in Hartford. Capice?

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