Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Silicon Millbillies 

Go read this: If Programmers Were As Smart As Longshoremen:
I’ve often said that if programmers were as smart as longshoremen, they’d have a contract as good as longshoremen. They don’t, in part because they’re proud of their weakness. They’re proud that they don’t stoop to organizing. Nosiree, these are libertarians, who would not consider acting as a group. That, after all, would hurt the super-rich scumbags they work for. And since everyone expects one day to be in the position of the exploiter, they certainly don’t want to restrict the exploiter’s actions now. Even if they’re currently the exploited.

You see what I mean about intelligence. Certainly some libertarians believe in liberty and democracy, and don’t base their ideology on money. There are true libertarians, who are not solely concerned about how much they pay in taxes; but not many. ...

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