Thursday, March 31, 2005

...And Your Enemies Closer 

As we're now due for the inevitable bloviating over the Terri Schiavo Burial Arrangements Hysteria for a few days [anybody wanna guess how long it takes before some newsreader concludes his/her pontifications with "Remains to be seen"?], other subjects may be pushed aside in some news outlets....which of course is why you come to Corrente for all your information needs.

So let us stick to important things here, like a meditation on the statement often attributed to Lyndon Johnson but certainly older than that: "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." We speak here of Tyrannical Tom (the Bugman) DeLay, and the role he has to play in both capacities.

The wisest words I have seen on the matter come from a party known as Barry Champlain over on an Atrios comment thread:

Now listen to me carefully:

Do NOT allow DeLay to "step down to spend more time with his family".

Do NOT allow the Rethugs to make him just go away like he never happened... only to be replaced by his puppets in the Congress, while he yanks their chains from either K Street or Sugar Land, nice 'n' safe 'n' out of the spotlight.

He has to stay right where he is, for as long as we can make it happen.

An injured, scandalized DeLay is the only defense this country has against him. Providing him shelter and camouflage by virtue of the temporary masturbatory liberal high of forcing him to resign is really fucking short-sighted!

We pointy-headed libruls obviously have not learned the lesson of "WWKD?" That's K, as in Karl. I just don't see Karl helping the Dems purge themselves of their embarassments. You think, perhaps, he might actually like having "embarassments" in the enemy camp, getting daily shitty headlines?

There's a "Save DeLay's Hide" committee? Get the website URL. Post the link. Send money.
Okay, I don't know if there really is such a website, nor would I consider sending them money even if I had any as the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has what appears to be more than enough for their needs. Way more in fact. But Barry's point is still good: DeLay does us more good twisting in the wind, leaving a trail of slime so foul it nearly glows in the dark which makes it easier to follow, emitting a stench that attaches itself to every cause, every unindicted co-conspirator person, every issue he touches.

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