Thursday, February 24, 2005

Talon News Chop Shop Blues 

This IS important! Over at American Politics Journal Steve Young says what needs to be said. And has a few questions that need to be asked:
Leave Jeff Gannon Alone!, He Gives Ne'erdowells Hope


"There are rumblings that Hillary Clinton may run for President in 2008. Will your administration bring out the fact that she slept with the entire membership of every Harvard fraternity AND sorority? And is there room in the budget to resurrect the Whitewater scandal to find out why she killed Vince Foster? I mean, if she did. Could you also comment on the size of her calves?"

"Liberals believe that murdering innocent unborn children is cool. Does that have anything to do with the good your Social Security reform will do?"

"Democrats hate religion and urinate on God. Do you have any idea why?"

"In the early 1940's, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and turncoat Jim Jeffries murdered six million Jews and untold numbers of homosexuals. How do [you] work with these obviously insane assassins to pass laws that will only help the American people? And could you also address why misguided Jews, Negroes and Gays blindly support the Democratic party."

Hmmm. I think some "liberals" have some explaining to do! More excellent probing questions that need to be asked... see APJ link above.

Meanwhile; The GOPUSA/Talon News "new journalism" chop shop was apparently taking liberties with the vehicles parked in the Associated Press lot. Until someone discovers that the door panels on Leslie Wetzel's car look an awful lot like the door panels that used to be on David Kravetz's car and...well, just go see for yourself.

Via Why Are We Back
Another Talon News Plagiarist
Calling David Kravetz of the Associated Press. Have you ever heard of a Leslie Wetzel from Texas? On June 2, 2004 Leslie Wetzel was seen in the vicinity of GOPUSA with what appears to be your words. Are you or the Associated Press going to do something about that? We're all waiting to see.

Finally, in summation, I'd like to take a moment to second Steve Young's praise for Jeff Gannon and to personally (well, maybe not personally...but you know what i mean) thank the White House, GOPUSA, Talon News, Jeff Jim Gannon Guckert himself, (the greatest freelancer - cowboy - bronco buster - hubcap thief - pioneer action hero manwhore "new" journalist working America today) for his contributions to mapping a new way West for all of us little nitwit nobodies out here who can't even get a word in edgewise at a deli counter. Jeff Gannon is our new Lewis and Clark. Who - not many people know this - were the same guy. Aka: Meriwether. And they (or him) or whatever, were gay too. And secretly dating Abraham Lincoln for a short while. Until that big fight about that business in New Salem involving the stud bull. And then there were other problems... nevermind.


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