Friday, February 25, 2005

One-a Them Days 

I heard a guy from Mississippi on NPR this morning (yeah, I know, I torture myself, but it still beats commercial radio and I don’t have teevee). He said he voted for aWol because he was once in the military and he knows you don’t change commanders in mid-war. He then went on to say that he favored the Democrats on the social security issue and thought aWol was dead wrong to try to meddle with the system.

Isn’t this the kind of guy you just want to throttle? I mean, WTF? I couldn’t help but think of that fella I overheard who basically said, hell yes, you change horses in midstream if the nag has two broken legs and is drowning. I think of Truman firing MacArthur. And on and on.

The reasoning skills displayed here just astound me. Now you have a “commander” whose clusterfuck is rapidly going from bad to worse, AND handling of domestic issues you don’t like.

Reminds me of someone I met last week at the library in town. The head librarian is a friend of mine, a flaming liberal, and she introduced me to the new kiddie librarian by saying, “She’s nice enough, but I don’t think she’d like our bumper stickers.” (Referring to the Kerry-Edwards, Dump Bush, Regime Change Begins at Home stickers all over our trucks.) The kiddie librarian just laughed and said, “Oh, I’m a Democrat. I just voted for Bush because of some personal reasons I’d rather not talk about.”

My thought was, yeah, personal reasons like those demonic voices that keep yammering in your head. I mean, WTF?

And then I hear where a peace activist in Bangladesh said to a reporter, ''Bush and his second-term election was a surprise to people here. Most people didn't believe that U.S. citizens were going to reward Bush after what he has done.''

Some days I just want to crawl under the covers with a bottle of sipping whiskey and a good tearjerking book. Know what I mean?

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