Friday, February 25, 2005

One Nation Asleep Under a Bu$h 

Beware of Rove Nations:

Via The Agonist
The Rise of Rove's Republic - Stirling Newberry | February 24

The Agonist - Most people in the outside world do not explicitly believe we are passing through a period of constitutional crisis. That an impeachment was run over a blow job didn't clue them in. That a president was installed by judicial fiat did not clue them in. That a war was launched which is, and was, essentially a giant looting expedition on the Treasury has not clued them in.

So what is going on? What is the thread that unifies Iraq and Social Security, the election crisis of 2000?

The process of American Constitutional change, and according to that process, the greatest dangers lie ahead, not behind us.

Continued...much more...go read the full article.

Thanks to kelley b at Singularity for the heads up on this post.
Also see, Singularity: Bad Moon on the Rise - The Rise of Rove's Republic.


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