Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Goodnight, moon 

I don't know where this Republicans-as-Dad thing comes from, I really don't.

Seems to me like Bush is really the kind of Bad Dad who misses dinner, then reels into the house after having had one too many with his running buddies, then the kids have to wait 'til he passes out on the couch with FOX on really loud before they can tiptoe upstairs.

'Cause if he wakes up, either he'll go all smarmy on you, or start screaming, or demonstrate uber-Dadness by grounding you for stuff that you know he did too, like pot. Even though he lies about it.

Plus, his running buddies are really wierd. There's that one guy in fatigues with the bald head who's always asking if you want to learn how to wrestle...

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