Thursday, February 24, 2005

Annals of Up is Downism 

"Sovereignty" now means doing that the United States wants:
Canada's apparent decison to stay out of a North American missile-defence system has dumbfounded Americans as an unnecessary giveaway of sovereignty, Washington's envoy to Ottawa said Wednesday.

"We don't get it," Paul Celluci said in Toronto.

"If there's a missile heading toward Canada, you are going to leave it up to the United States to determine what to do about that missile. We don't think that is in Canada's sovereign interest." (via the Nelson Daily News)
I'm having trouble deciding who Celluci reminds me of. Tony Soprano? ("Ya know, I tink it would be a very very bad ting if some bad elements might try to burn down your store and we wuz, you know, on the outs wid one another. Cuz I like ya, I really do, but I have my own intrests t' tink about, ya know? And well, ya know, I might have more pressing things on my mind at the time and not be able to help you out, if you get my drift."

Or maybe Crazy Celluci the Used Car Salesman ("Friend, you would be insane NOT to buy the armorplated undercarriage with rust inhibitor. Sure, it costs a few bucks more, but think about the kids! What if you ran over an Improvised Explosive Device one day and little Ian was in the backseat. Thse things happen, believe me. You'd never forgive yourself! Friend, it would be irresponsible not to spend the extra $14.2B. Ask yourself: what price can you put on peace of mind?"

Any other scumbags come to mind?

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