Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Action Alert: Call Joe Lieberman Day 

I was going to suggest this myself, based on Josh Marshall's reading of a certain squishiness in Joe Lieberman's position on SS reform which, if you haven't read it, you can and should by clicking here. But Blogger wouldn't let me do it when I was ready to, on the weekend.

I couldn't be happier that Atrios got the same idea - to call the Senator, and let someone on his staff know that Democratic voters won't stand for anyone undermining the unity of the Democrats on this one. Atrios has a huge number of readers, of course, including probably a lot of our readers. This is the kind of taking action I've been trying to talk about.

Do insist on talking to a staff member. Be prepared to quickly knock down the offending memes, i.e., there's a crises, and to insist on the facts, i.e., even the President isn't claiming that private accounts will solve the problem of the baby boomers retiring, remember to mention that we've been paying an excess into SS for twenty years, which Bush has spent givine the top one % of Americans a tax cut. Let him know we're watching, and if it means a grassroots effort to find someone to oppose him in a Democratic primary, we're up for that. Most of all, no private accounts as a carve-out from SS, only as an optional add-on, primariy for low-income earners.

All the numbers you info and numbers you need you can find at Eschaton, here and here. Also in the comments, Oleary, who made the call, has some good advice.

If you can't call today, do so tomorrow. Get your friends and family to call. And be polite, firm, and knowledgeable.

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