Tuesday, February 15, 2005

52 (fifty-two) of 105 (one hundred and five) pre-9/11 PDBs mentioned AQ 

The LA Times puts this astonishing figure in context:

The warnings provided by intelligence agencies to the FAA were far clearer and more specific than suggested by Condoleezza Rice's testimony before the 9/11 commission when she reluctantly conceded the existence of a presidential briefing that warned of impending Al Qaeda attacks. Rice had dismissed those warnings as "historical," but according to the newly released section of the 9/11 report, an astonishing 52 of the 105 daily intelligence briefings received by the FAA — and available to Rice — before the Sept. 11 attacks made specific reference to Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.
(via LA Times)

And Clarke couldn't even get a meeting with Condi for a solid year.

You know, people generally get promoted because they do what the boss wants.

And Condi just got promoted.

I'm starting to come round to the conclusion—tinfoil hat territory though it may be—that Bush knew something like 9/11 was bound to happen, and let it happen. It's the old rule: Never give Bush the benefit of the doubt, because the reality is always much worse than you could possibly imagine.

After all, cui bono?

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