Thursday, January 13, 2005

What does Whiney Joe know that the rest of us don't? 

And why does he go on FUX to say so? (Thanks to Tinfoil Hat Boy)

"The fact that we didn't discover large stocks of weapons of mass destruction doesn't mean that Saddam Hussein didn't have them," the Connecticut Senator told the Fox television network.
(via Turkish Press)

Yeah. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence....

UPDATE RDF comments:

THB, you're assuming that Whiney Joe is, in fact, a Democrat. That utterance you quoted shows plainly that he's not, as it's a typical anti-reality GOP statement... as in, "the fact that we didn't find a rhinoceros in this closet doesn't mean there's not a rhinoceros in this closet. It could be, say, invisible, or perhaps it escapes right before we look. Maybe it's in another closet. And we did find a small animal that looks very much like a rhinoceros in poor light. Anyway, we were completely justified in calling in Rhino-B-Gone..."

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