Monday, January 10, 2005

We've always called them media whores... 

...and to our surprise, they turn out to be, well, whores. Armstrong "Buff Daddy" Williams in WaPo today:

Tucson, Ariz.: Why don't you give back the money, and regain your credibility and integrity?

Armstrong Williams: Giving back the money is not about regaining my credibility and integrity. I am a businessman. Ketchum Communications purchased advertising time: two one-minute commercials to promote No Child Left Behind. After the first 16 months it was communicated to us that between 10 and 15 million people visited the No Child Left Behind Web page as a result of our advertising campaign. There were markets initially that we were not in that Ketchum felt it necessary that we run the ads. We had to go out and buy programming time just to have ads on the air in that market.

So therefore, we honor our contract. We delivered on our goals and they delivered on their compensation. That's business: supply and demand.
(via WaPo)

"Not about regaining credibility and integrity"... Well, no. Fortunately, the White House says this is an "isolated incident." Well, that's a relief!

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