Tuesday, January 11, 2005

WaPo buries the lede on Chertoff 

All the way at the end, in the final paragraph, we get this little gem:

Since leaving the Justice Department, Chertoff has written and spoken publicly about the need for "creative legal thinking" in Congress and the White House about a new approach for handling suspected terrorists.
(via WaPO)

The last thing I want from the thugs in Inerrant Boy's malAdministration is "creative legal thinking." We've had quite enough "creative thinking" from Gonzales, justifying rule by decree. Let alone the winger establishment impeaching a President over a blowjob. Creative, or what?

How about a little thinking that makes the Constitution something other than a dead letter?

Oh, and Chertoff was chief counsel for Al D'Amato's Whitewater investigation, which was even more clownish and swinish than the [cough] Independent Counsels. Worse and worse.

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