Saturday, January 08, 2005

Realism for the reality-based 

Tinfoil hat boy asks a good question:

Since you're not voting for a Dem again, does that mean

a) you're not voting
b) you're voting republican
c) you're voting green
d) you're leaving the country
e) something else?

What if Barak Obama is our candidate in 2008 (won't happen, but just pretend): would you vote for him? Would you vote for Tom Harkin from Iowa? ...

After the election for about a week I ended all posts "We're so fucked," and somebody called me on it. It's true, but defeatist. I hear you telling me the Dems are Satan, but offering nothing constructive. We get it about the Dems being the second worst political party ever. Now what?

Now what, indeed?

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