Saturday, January 08, 2005

Old Habits Die Hard 

No, this is not the leadup to the old nun joke:

(via AP (via NYT, sorry))

The state's chief elections officer, accused of mishandling the presidential vote in Ohio, sent a fund-raising letter for his own 2006 gubernatorial campaign that was accompanied by a request for illegal contributions.
A pledge card with the letter from Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican who co-chaired the Bush-Cheney election campaign in Ohio, said ``corporate & personal checks are welcome.''

Corporate donations are illegal in Ohio.
Of course they blamed it on the printer, and no corporate donations were received, and if they HAD been received they would have been sent back quicker than a box of skunks...hmm, why did the vision of "a box of skunks" pop into my head just now? I must go brood on this, probably with the aid of drink. Blessed be the weekend.

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