Monday, January 10, 2005

Oh the OUTRAGES! Wingnut knickers in full twist  

Naked wine and cheese orgies! Dirty sidewalk "chalkings." It's all a sinister plot by clothing challenged cheese eating lefties and queer prom queens to undermine the true diversity of ideas. Because, if the modern hard bitten conservative can't feel comfortable attending a wine and cheese party in full araiment, well, none of us are safe! Freedom and western civilization itself teeter upon the brink. What will we tell the parents!

Via AgapePress: The Fall of Wesleyan Civilization
Columnist Reveals Liberal School's Decadent Decline

John Leo promised his daughter he would not write about Wesleyan University until she graduated. Now that she's out, he has let loose with a column informing readers about the liberalism run amok of a university that has been home to a queer prom, a pornography-for-credit course, obscene sidewalk chalking, and a campus club crudely named for a private part of the female anatomy -- to name just a few of the school's outrages.

Uh.....The Boobie Hatch?


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