Thursday, January 27, 2005

Office pool! [update] 

What yammering point will the Republican Framing Machine come up with next to keep its army of winger replicants frothing and stamping?

What's next after "privatization private personal account" doesn't poll well either?

1. Mad Money Accounts? (E. Saunders)

2. What-Happens-in-Vegas-Stays-in-Vegas Accounts?

3. Welfare for Brokers Accounts?

4. Alpo Accounts? (RDF)


UPDATE I've been going with "Alpo Accounts" (short, sweet, alliterative, tells the story) but alert reader J. Hill has come up with a breathtakingly cynical pre-emptive strike:

Freedom Accounts

... Because freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.



5. Faith-based accounts (alert reader sashax)
6. Douchebag account"—Not Guaranteed to clean you out, but that's the intent.... (granny insanity)

And alert reader ck has a comment on strategic semantics:

I have to say Ix-Nay on "Freedom Accounts" -- not that it isn't clever and witty; but because Freedom is Dear Leader's favorite word, and since our usage of it is snarky and ironic -- Dear Leader is liable to adopt it as his own.

Seriously -- just as SCLM needs to be replaced with LRWM, all of our counter-attacks need to be direct and flame-thrower-in-the-face, rather than ironic and indirect.

Alpo Accounts still has my vote.


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