Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Not knowing what he said, he said it 

Gee, if there's really something to protect Bush from, shouldn't the Alert Level have been increased by now? Oh, wait, the election is over. My bad.

An army of 6,000-plus police officers, more than 2,500 military personnel, and thousands of Secret Service and other agents from 60 agencies will employ the latest high-tech gear and surveillance to protect the 55th inaugural on Jan. 20.

"Security will be the highest levels it has ever been for any inauguration," [lame duck DHS head Tom] Ridge said. "We will have 24/7 surveillance of key inaugural facilities."

While he said he knew of no specific threats targeting President Bush's second swearing-in, Ridge added that a coronation an inauguration was "the most visible manifestation of our democracy."
(via Philly Inkwire)

Funny, I would have thought the most visible manifestation of our democracy would be a citizen exercising their right to vote. But what do I know?

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