Saturday, January 01, 2005


A heartfelt plea (OK, a rant) from alert reader ck:

My New Years Resolution Wish --

That we happy, happy few of the Patriotic American Opposition to the BushCo Fascist takeover, looting, and destruction of our country stop -- repeat, STOP -- using the SCLM acronym.

The Right Wing takeover of the Mainstream Media is nearly complete, and the SCLM does not exist. Referring to a non-existent SCLM is snarky and Po-Mo and counter productive.

Smash Mouth Frontal Assault is the only way to defeat these fuckers, and telling the truth about the Lying Right Wing Media is part of the program.

Fight Fire With Fire, Fight Lies With Truth, No Quarter Is Offered And None Will Be Given. Fight as though your life depends on it -- because it does.

Thank You . . .

You're welcome.

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