Saturday, January 08, 2005

LAND-O-LINKS! ~ LC Blogaround in progress... 

Points of interest: edward pig and Bark Bark Woof Woof each have posted comprehensive Liberal Coalition "Blogaround" listings. Which are brief summaries of individual posts of interest appearing on different Liberal Coalition blogs.

For full details, the contents of each listing, see:
[1] - edward pig's LC Blogaround

[2] - Bark Bark Woof Woof LC Blogaround

For instance: You can visit T Rex's Guide To Life and read along as he fields and responds to recent commenters suggestions, critiques, and general examinations. Such as this dandy observation below:
Kayla said:
You should try to examine whether or not youre using bias in your essays--it it quite obvious that youre liberal, since you use conservatives believe and liberals know.

At Left is Right I learned about P!:
P! = Progressive, Populist, Participatory, Productive

If you believe that we are in a State of Emergency . . . [...] P! will "officially" debut in mid- to late-January, 2005. In some ways, P! will be very much like other "lefty" blogs: analysis, commentary, essays, and so forth. [...]

...If you support the notions and values I've suggested here and can commit to (a) posting thoughtfully at least once each week and (b) participating in consensus management of editorial policy and site content/format, I invite you to consider being a Contributing Editor.

Take a peek at P!

So visit the Blogaround links/listings cited above and learn about all kinds of new and interesting stuff you probably weren't even previously aware of.

For second instance: How many of you knew...
There was Moses, for example, one of the greatest salesman and real estate promoters that ever lived. Read how he conducted the Promised Land project and consider the Israelites.

That's from a publication titled: "Moses, Persuader of Men," by Henry Cragin Walker. Published by the Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company in 1927.

You probably would have never realized to what extent Moses was invested in the real estate development racket unless you had visited Corrente. You also probably never knew that Rudolph Valentino, at least according to his wife Miss Rambova, continued his career long after he was dead. Yup, its true - at least according to Miss Rambova - and who would know better than she. I ask ya.


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