Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Jeeebofascists on parade 

I've seen these loons outside Reading Terminal Market and in Chinatown, of all places. One of the "preachers" was a boy about eight years old. Sick, or what? In fact, someone should call Child Protective Services and save that boy before it's too late.

Four members of a local Christian group, Repent America, are facing felony charges in connection with their behavior in the fall during the gay and lesbian community's annual Outfest celebration in Center City.

For allegedly trying to disrupt the event with their bullhorn-amplified, Scripture-based denunciations of homosexuality, they have been accused of criminal conspiracy, incitement to riot, and violating the state's law against hate crimes.

Several conservative Christian groups, including the American Family Association and Concerned Women for America, say the "Philadelphia Four" are being prosecuted solely for voicing their religious beliefs.
(via Inkwire)

Well, maybe the bullshithorn has something to do with it.

"This homofascism has come to our doorstep; it's in America," said Ralph Ovadal, head of Wisconsin Christians United, in a recent radio program. "Christians need to wake up and realize how quickly the walls are closing in on their religious liberties, on their religious duties to preach the gospel."

Wow! "Homofascism"... A WPS (Winger Projection Syndrome) two-fer, eh?

"Jim Crow has been resurrected in Philadelphia, and instead of being targeted at African Americans, he is targeting Christians," Joe Murray, a lawyer with the American Family Association's Center for Law and Policy, said during a radio program that reminded listeners that Philadelphia is the home of the Abscam scandal and the MOVE bombing.

"If this city were built on a swamp, I'd say it needs to be drained," Murray said, "because it's a dirty city."

Philadelphia dirty?! Film at 11! I mean, I walk through Suburban Station every morning and every night.

But linking gay pride to Abscam?! That's a low blow!

Oh, wait. Now I get it. Homosexuals are dirty.

Seriously, the key is to deny these clowns the martyrdom they so obviously crave. As long as they lose the bullhorn, I say invite them to Outfest. Give them a booth. Give them the love they so obviously need ....

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