Friday, January 07, 2005

Goodnight, moon 

Finally The "Craze Mass" decorations have been put away for another year, hidden deep in one of the underground bunkers of The Mighty Corrente Building, deeper even than the massive wine cellars and the mushroom farm.

What a weight off my mind, not having to worry about "the holidays" any more!

Oh, and as Xan says, vote early and often. We're still here, we're still as bleeding edge as ever, and this year we've brought on fine new writers. I honestly think we have the tightest, most truthful, most fearless, bitterest, most deeply pissed off, and oftentimes the funniest writing in the blogosphere today. Plus, we're the ones who Google-bombed Bush Mandate. Did that meme die fast, or what? And the secret sauce: FarmerToons™. I couldn't be prouder of all our work, and I expect great things in 2005. And FTF.

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