Wednesday, January 05, 2005

FOX Nooze ~ where lying is worth a million bucks! 

The foundations of this Jane Akre vs the FOXNoise Lie Machine goes back a few years --- ["The Fox, the Hounds, and the Sacred Cows" from "Into The Buzzsaw" by Kristina Borjesson, 2002] --- but Patrick O'Heffernan has an update. And this time it's good news for FOX "News" because the court has ruled that intentionally broadcasting false news reports is not a crime. Which is good news for FOX "News" because if it weren't for false news FOX"News" wouldn't have much news to broadcast. Now would they.
TV Spy’s ShopTalk reported Monday that two TV journalists have challenged the license renewal of WTVT Fox-13, charging that it deliberately broadcast false news reports about Monsanto’s secret use of potentially cancer-causing growth hormones in milk. Reporters Jane Akre and Steve Wilson filed the petition Monday against Fox’s Tampa station after a Florida Appeals Court overturned a $425,000 jury award to them and then ordered them to pay Fox’s $1 million legal bill for defending itself against their Whistleblower lawsuit. The court said broadcasting false news reports is not a crime, striking grounds for their suit. The journalists are appealing.

Continue reading..."Journalists challenge Fox, get $1 million legal bill", by patrick o'heffernan at Seeing the Forest


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