Wednesday, January 12, 2005

First trial ballon to deep-six The Plame Affair 

Following hard on the oh-so-convenient prosecutorial conduct that caused the case against Republican fundraiser and Chinese double-agent Katrina Leung to be thrown out (back), we get this:

Why have so many people rushed to assume that a crime was committed when someone "in the administration" gave columnist Robert D. Novak the name of CIA "operative" Valerie Plame [and blowing her cover]?
(via Victoria Toensing and Bruce W. Sanford in WaPo)

Of course, Bush blew a mole's cover during the campaign (basck) and that darned liberal media didn't turn a hair. As Michael Chertoff wrote another context, "[T]hey chose not to violate the law but to attack the law and its institutions directly."


UPDATE Alert reader Tom Maguire writes:

Your headline is wrong - Sanford, with another co-author, had a nearly identical piece in the WSJ last December.

Mark Kleiman hammered it then (I did too, but you can't be listening to righties, now can you?)

Actually, I listen to the LRWM all the time, eh?

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