Saturday, January 08, 2005

Durbin doubtful on Gonzales 

Well, it's nice to see at least one Beltway Dem who doesn't roll over when Bush tickles his belly—or applies the electrodes to his testicles*

From a paper in Dick Durbin's district:

WASHINGTON -- Testimony during a confirmation hearing did little to assuage doubts held by Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin regarding the ability of Alberto Gonzales to serve as U.S. attorney general.

Durbin said Gonzales' role in the policy-making "raises questions about his judgment. You can't really predict how someone is going to be (in the attorney general's position). All you can do is look at a person's record. That's why this is so troubling. He was involved in a decision that turned out to be a monumental blunder."

Gonzales' record in Texas government is also of concern to Durbin, particularly Gonzales' role in some 59 death penalty cases in the state.

"I asked him, point blank, if any American person, either government or military, could legally use torture. He said he'd have to get back to me," Durbin said. "I was stunned by his lack of an immediate answer."
(via Southern Illinoisan)

Of course, what I'd like to hear Durbin say is that he'll vote No. Here's hoping this article is a trial balloon.

You can contact Senator Durbin here.

NOTE Incidentally, there's a fine speech by Senator Durbin here in defense of the MoveOn ad that the Cowardly Broadcasting System censored.

* I know I'm making an assumption here, but bear with me, OK?

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