Monday, January 10, 2005

CBS "Memogate" Report a Crock of Shit 

Nobody, not in the media, not in the blogosphere, not anywhere has worked harder or longer or more persistently to find out the truth about George W. Bush's "military service" and the decades-long project to cover it up, than Paul Lukasiak. With his permission and encouragement we ran numerous excerpts here from the research at his website called The AWOL Project.

All that time I had no idea he was going by the excellent handle of "bushsux" over at Daily Kos. I find this out today when I click on an item there called "The CBS Memogate Project: An Insider's View."

Guess what? Yer never gonna believe this, but that "report" today? That got those four people fired? It's a whitewash, a load of hooey, a bucket full of horseshit, a prune stew of indigestible foulness. In other words, pretty much what we suspected it would be.

You should go read. Don't let Them tell you "this is an old story," or that "CBS screwed this up so badly we lose all credibility if we bring it up again." It hasn't been brought up yet, is the problem. Like all shit, it needs to get to where the maggots can crawl and the dung beetles help the fresh air and purifying sunshine break it down into its constituent parts.

"bushsux" diary at dKos

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