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Cakewalking on Graves ~ Death Squad 'W' and the Shining City on the Hill 

This is the glorious city that dwelt in security: that said in her heart: I am, and there is none beside me: how is she become a desert, a place for beasts to lie down in? every one that passeth by her, shall hiss, and wag his hand.- Sophonias 2:15 (Douay)

The results of Salvadoran military training are graphically described in the Jesuit journal America by Daniel Santiago, a Catholic priest working in El Salvador. He tells of a peasant woman who returned home one day to find her three children, her mother and her sister sitting around a table, each with its own decapitated head placed carefully on the table in front of the body, the hands arranged on top "as if each body was stroking its own head."

The assassins, from the Salvadoran National Guard, had found it hard to keep the head of an 18-month-old baby in place, so they nailed the hands onto it. A large plastic bowl filled with blood was tastefully displayed in the center of the table.

What Uncle Sam Really Wants
, by Noam Chomsky, 1992.

The 'Salvador Option', Robert Parry writes::
The strategy is named after the Reagan-Bush administration’s "still-secret strategy" of supporting El Salvador’s right-wing security forces, which operated clandestine "death squads" to eliminate both leftist guerrillas and their civilian sympathizers, Newsweek reported. "Many U.S. conservatives consider the policy to have been a success – despite the deaths of innocent civilians," Newsweek wrote.


The insurgencies in El Salvador and Guatemala were crushed through the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians. In Guatemala, about 200,000 people perished, including what a truth commission later termed a genocide against Mayan Indians in the Guatemalan highlands. In El Salvador, about 70,000 died including massacres of whole villages, such as the slaughter carried out by a U.S.-trained battalion against hundreds of men, women and children in and around the town of El Mozote in 1981.

Perception Management - The PR Machine:
The Reagan-Bush strategy also had a domestic component, the so-called "perception management" operation that employed sophisticated propaganda to manipulate the fears of the American people while hiding the ugly reality of the wars. The Reagan-Bush administration justified its actions in Central America by portraying the popular uprisings as an attempt by the Soviet Union to establish a beachhead in the Americas to threaten the U.S. southern border.

If anyone thinks that Armstrong "Buff Daddy" Williams is some kind of pioneer in this regard, well, think back. The Bush Borg and its well greased Right Wing fleet of killer satellites have been orbiting the earth for years. The entire scope of the covert funding and elaborate propaganda whirlwind which swirled around the Reagan/Bush Latin America adventure in bloodletting during the 1980's is extremely complex. Much to complex for this short blog post. But some of the key operators in this carnival of death included the "Outreach Working Group on Central America" which farmed the assistance of multiple right wing Christian, neoconservative and New Right organizations; including Pat Robertson's Freedom Council, Falwell's Moral Majority, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Heritage Foundation, the Eagel Forum, the Conservative Caucus, Accuracy in Media, and Richard Viguerie's mass mail marketing brigantine, among others.

Each of these slippery operations was responsible for providing the public with a deafening roar of white noise disinformation and misdirection concerning the Bush/Reagan foreign policy in Latin America. In addition to this complex media fog there was added a twisted array of private funding networks -- which also included some of the groups above -- all obligated to conduct fundraising and funnel money and supplies and intel into the 'dirty war' effort in Latin America. One such group was a far Right neofascist and old line Nazi network called the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), which, in 1981, found itself under the leadership of Gen. John Singlaub's Council for World Freedom. WACL would also figure prominently in the Reagan Administration's efforts and support on behalf of the mujahadeen's war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. So, if you're wondering who ultimately helped train Osama bin Laden & company...., uh, well, whats the word, oh yeah... blowback.

One notable funder of WACL was the Unification Church. Moon's groups were also one of the primary funding and supply organs for the Contra resupply network. Another Moon satellite was the Freedom Fund which was originally founded by donations made available by Bo Hi Pak and Jeane Kirkpatrick. The Freedom Fund's board of directors included such lovelies as Midge Decter and Michael Novak. So, if you ever ask yourself what it is that so many on the Right, including the Bush family, find so warm and fuzzy and regal about the Moon crazies; it's simple - the Moonies know where all the bones are buried and who buried them where and when and how much it costs to make sure the corpses stay as dead as possible. Who's afraid of the demons that live in the shadows - I ask ya?

As I said, there's a lot more to this than I can relate in this blog post at this time so I'll move along.

Triggering "death squad" chaos, Iraq and beyond; Parry continues:
Bush appears to be upping the ante by contemplating cross-border raids into countries neighboring Iraq. He also would be potentially expanding the war by having Iraqi Kurds and Shiites kill Sunnis, a prescription for civil war or genocide.

Continue reading Bush's Death Squad's, by Robert Parry, Jan. 11, 2005 ~ via Consortium News.

Also see:
History of Guatemala's 'Death Squads', by Robert Parry - Jan. 11, 2005.

For more on the Bush monarchy adventures in world conquest and 'dirty war' diplomacy you can also read Parry's book Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq

Also noted: Billmon is back, at least temporarily, and has posted a selection of article snips and links to various items relating to events that took place in El Salvador during the 1980s.


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