Tuesday, December 14, 2004

You Miserable Ingrates 

So I find out over at Eschaton that nominations are now open for The 2004 Koufax Awards.

So I go there to see where we're leading....while it would be immodest to dream of Best Blog (on the other hand, screw that, when did modesty get anybody anywhere??), I wonder only whether we will be sweeping the field in:

--Best Series (for Lambert's unceasing efforts on "The Fog Machine"),
--Best Writing (anything by the farmer, the more so the later at night the item is posted),
--Best Post, wherein "Pete & the farmer Kill the Devil" was my assumption but others are entitled to their own opinions and might prefer RDF's collected work in the Green Sagebrush Campaign (name me one other blogger anywhere who is on record as having donated a sheep to the Kerry GOTV effort, dammit)
--Best Humor

And what do I find? Two, count 'em, two, nominations in Best Group Blog (thanks penny and Kevin, your checks are in the mail) and one for Best Post for something of farmer's from r@d@r.

We are gettin' our butts kicked by fafblog for humor, and Pandagon for Groupers. No category for Best Art, which is rank discrimination against farmtoons productions, dammit. No big surprise that Kos and Atrios are battling it out for overall Best in Show, or Juan Cole for Expert again.

Therefore I am going to assume that our hordes of faithful fans just haven't heard the news yet. Get thee hence and start nominating. For your convenience just right-click on Corrente, Dammit! and click "copy", or "copy shortcut" if that's what's available. Then head over to Wampum and swampum.

Remember: Moderation in pursuit of this effort is no virtue, and extremism in promotion of Corrente is no vice. Just mention our name a lot, that's all we ask.

We wants the precious Koufax, yessss we do.....

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