Sunday, December 19, 2004

This Story Has It All! 

I should retire from blogging after posting this one. It has, I swear to you, everything that a story should have.

SUV's. Those godawful ribbon stickers. "Support" for the "military." Shameless astroturfing. Country music. The military (well, sorta...you'll see.) So far I have seen no mention of hound dogs, one's mother, or prison, but I keep cracking up before I can get all the way through it. I would suspect the Tennessean of making this up, it is so good, but as it is well known that Gannett editors have no detectable sense of humor that is impossible. Go, read the whole thing:

(via Nashville Tennessean)
Country singer Chely Wright said yesterday she was dismissing the head of her fan club and shutting down a team of volunteers after The Tennessean learned that some of them posed as members of the military or their families to promote her latest song.

Seventeen members of a handpicked team of fans contacted radio stations around the country asking for more airplay for Wright's pro-military ballad, The Bumper of My SUV. It was all part of an organized campaign by leaders of the fan club who encouraged the team to do such things as ''tell 'em your husband is a marine — whatever it takes.''

After Wright learned that The Tennessean intended to publish an article about the campaign in today's newspaper, she issued a statement saying that she had dismissed Chuck Walter, a longtime friend who has headed her fan club since 1996.

Wright said she was ''shocked, saddened and deeply upset by this unethical behavior.'' She said Walter was ''an unpaid volunteer who acted without my knowledge or direction.''

In an interview a day earlier, Wright had described Walter as ''my best friend. We talk all the time, about everything.''
Wadda ya wanna bet she's invited to perform at the ReCoronation?

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