Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So Much To Do 

Ahhh, Winter Solstice. I wonder how much evil Bushco can pack into the shortest day of the year? Maybe

--Start another unnecessary war (use tactical nukes?)
--Make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer (tax cuts for rich, cut entitlements, reopen idea of debtor's prison? check w/ Scalia)
--Extend the arms race to outer space (must be kept SECRET!)
--Rationalize the continuing qWagmire in iWaq (blame on U.N.?)
--Sign letters for dead and wounded, attend funerals (sorry, no time for that)
--Authorize, rationalize and defend the use of torture
--Claim that he has a mandate and will outlaw man dates
--Surround self with more sycophants (photo ops…order new codpiece?)
--Rationalize away the health care crisis (maybe blame it on trial lawyers?)
--Reinstate the draft (national emergency?)
--Antagonize some more other countries for no good reason
--Assure more oil and gas profits for his friends (note: call it “energy policy”)
--Rationalize away global warming and other looming environmental disasters (maybe blame them on trees, volcanoes and third world countries?)
--Claim to channel for Jesus (maybe a new revelation? check with Falwell.)
--Deflect public attention from all of the above with a new moral crisis (sodomy’s been done, maybe bestiality?)
--Redact troublesome portions of the U.S. Constitution
--Borrow royal jewels from QE II for the coronation next month (dissolve Congress? check w/ Scalia)
--Declare martial law (must check with Gonzales Re: rationalization)

Well, some of these can be checked off right now. But still, so much to do. Oh, wait--place all media under White House control. No, never mind. No need to do that. How about--?

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