Friday, December 17, 2004

Reailty Bites 

Paul Martin comes clean as a member of the reality-based community:

Prime Minister Paul Martin said Tuesday he does not believe the U.S. ballistic missile shield will succeed in shooting down incoming rockets, as he threw up new roadblocks to counter President George W. Bush's strong appeal for Canada to join his continental defence plan.

Zoot alors! No wonder they have a $10B surplus. What next?
In another issue that could cause friction with Bush, Martin said Canada was prepared to accept U.S. citizens who do not want to serve in the war in Iraq.

"In terms of immigration, we are a country of immigrants and we will take immigrants from around the world. I'm not going to discriminate," said Martin, when reminded that former prime minister Pierre Trudeau opened Canada's doors to draft dodgers and deserters during the Vietnam War.

This is really intolerable. If we all don't clap our hands and believe, the terrorists will surely win. What ever happened to our President's recent "charm offensive"?

Guess Canadians got the second part.

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